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Crop Tops

Why We Love Crop Tops (and you should too!)

Fashion is about expressing oneself. It's about seeing something like T shirts as a medium and it being what you put on the T shirt or what you do to the T shirt that means everything. One type of fashion trend regarding T shirts that we think will always be popular even when it's not popular by the mainstream is crop tops.

Crop tops are T shirts that are either designed to be only a half-shirt or they are a T shirt that a person takes and cuts at the center in order to expose their waist and navel or, at least, a bit of their abdomen, leaving a bare gap between pants and shirt.
Why will crop tops always be popular? Well, simply because there are so many things to love about them. Things like:


  • Crop tops are light to wear which are a huge boon during hot weather and when you're doing something athletic, like hot yoga or jogging.

  • Crop tops give the wearer an easy way to flaunt their body and look as sexy as they feel.

  • Crop tops are great for smaller people (gals and guys) as it creates a natural illusion that a petite person has longer legs. So if you hate your height, start cutting up some T shirts to make them crop tops.

  • Crop tops can go with virtually any other type of clothing. Yoga pants, fancy skirts, jorts, etc. If you love experimenting with fashion, then crop tops are the incredibly versatile item of clothing you've been searching for.

And, again, best of all is that you can make crop tops with any T shirt or you can buy them pre-cropped. The fashion choice is all yours!

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