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Leggings: Wearing Trendy Clothes Right

Leggings have been rising in popularity for a few years, likely thanks in no small part to the rise of yoga fashion brands like LuLuLemon, but they really hit a new popularity high in 2020. And why not? Most of us were being restricted in our outings and so why not wear something as comfortable and sexy as leggings in and outside of our own home.

Yet, while leggings certainly are the creme de la creme of trendy clothes right now, there are some basic rules that are key to ensure you are wearing these trendy clothes right. Unwritten rules like:


  • Layering with leggings is like peanut butter and jelly. Play up different proportions, such as going matching your leggings with an oversized top or throwing a shawl on when hitting the gym. Jazzing it up with fancy boots or a belt can also make a meaningful fashion statement.

  • Go for high-waisted or, at least, above the butt. One of the best parts about leggings is how they elongate one's body. Thus, you should play up this part of these trendy clothes by ensuring you get a fit that is either high-waisted or otherwise goes always above your hip line.

  • When going for prints, go for an overall balance. If you love the look of printed leggings, then be sure to pair them with a more muted top. Or, in contrast, if you have a leopard-printed top you adore, balance it with soft black leggings.

All-in-all leggings are going to continue to stay at the top of trendy clothes and are ideal for pairing with just about everything, especially beloved t-shirts.

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