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Getting the Right Size When Shopping for Online Apparel

The demand for online shopping clothes really exploded in 2020 -- if for some pretty obvious reasons. But regardless of that year's unique situation, we have seen shopping for online apparel growing in recent years due to the fantastic convenience, generally lower prices, and the ability to find exactly the types of online apparel one has been searching for. But while online shopping for clothes is a net positive, there is one frustrating thing that can stop a person from going online altogether and that is constantly getting the wrong size.

We understand. Being unable to physically try on a potential shirt or pair of shoes can make buying them feel like a risk. The good news is there are two key things you can do to help ensure you get the right size when shopping for online apparel:

  1. Do a full measure of yourself. Take a few minutes out of your day and do a complete measure of yourself. Bonus points if you grab a partner and you each help each other out. You'll also want to wear slim but comfortable clothes to get the best measurements. Measure your hips (around your hip bones at widest part), waist (where your belly button is), and bust (around your chest at its largest point). Write down all of these numbers and put them in a handy place.

  2. Be clear on the online store's sizing info. Online stores will typically feature a sizing chart guide that will give you the parameters of each size of their clothing. If they don't, shoot them an email and ask them to clarify the measurements. For example, you might ask, "What are the bust and waist measurements for the small on shirt x?"

Knowing your own measurements and comparing them to the online apparel you are online shopping clothes for is the best, nearly guaranteed way to ensure that you always get the perfect sized clothes for you.

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