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Online Clothing Store

Are You a Fashion Blogger? Become a Brand Ambassador for Our Online Store

Our online clothing store of Nerdy Gangsta Inc. is here to show the fashion world a few new tricks and to have fun doing so. But to do that, we are on the hunt for fashion bloggers to join our ranks and become brand ambassadors.

The brand ambassadors we take on at our online clothing store are people who we recognize to be highly fashion-motivated, with a desire to share their creativity and thoughts with their audiences, our audiences, and audiences we both are still trying to reach. We look to partner with such fashion brand ambassadors in order to spread the word about our online clothing store and in return, we help prop up those ambassadors' creative efforts. As such, the number one thing someone has to have in order to become a brand ambassador for our online clothing store is passion. Passion for fashion and passion to share their interest in fashion with the world at large. So introverts who don't want an online following need not apply.

If, however, you are a rising Tik Tok fashion star or have a fashion-based Instagram page and are looking to increase your base, then our team at Nerdy Gangsta Inc. wants to connect with you. We want to grow our brand ambassador program and reach out to more fashion-oriented individuals with whom we can share our own interests. Contact our team today to learn more about how our online clothing store brand ambassador program works and how we can partner together to go to greater heights in the fashion world.

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